Technology Forum

Fostering the Ecosystems for Innovation

May 22nd and 23rd

Milan - Grattacielo Pirelli, 31° floor

Fostering the Ecosystems for Innovation

The fourth edition of the Technology Forum, ‘Fostering the Ecosystems for Innovation’ was held on May 22ns and 23rd at the Grattacielo Pirelli, Milan: a two day full immersion on innovation and technology, dedicated to the CEOs and focused on how to grow through innovation. Along six thematic sessions, participants has deepen the most challenging subjects about innovation and technology: competition, education, freedom&organization, prosperity&sustainability and – of course, in the City of Expo: foodtechnology.

There were more than thirty speakers from eight Countries (Italy, United States, South Korea, Israel, Sweden, Switzerland, France and Germany), respresenting the most innovative companies of the world – such as Google, Cisco, Xerox, IBM, ABB, Oerlikon, Pirelli, , TripAdvisor. And more: the best performer in research, such as the University of California, the Technion of Tel Aviv, the South Korean University for Science and Technology (Postech), the Dresden University of Technology, the Swedish Technical Research Institute, the ESCP from Paris and the Italians: IIT, Assobiotec and CNR.

In front of them, the policy makers: the US State Department, the US Technology Office and, from Italy, the Ministry for economic development , as well as the Regione Lombardia, the first Italian region for industrial production and for innovation.

The goal was to offer incentives to boost economic growth and innovation in Italy and effectively promote innovation as a key lever to return to growth.

As a tangible contribution to the development of the Italian ecosystem for innovation, the InnoTech Community of Ambrosetti Club has presented the annual Report of the Technology Forum. A map, and a navigator as well, because it shows the right direction to the decision makers, both in private companies and public institutions.

Find here, in the column on your right, the Technology Forum Report, in its full version (in Italian) and in the Executive Summary (in English).

Waiting the fifth edition, on May 20 and 21st 2016, take part to the Upcoming events and discover our first vertical: the Technology Forum Life Sciences.


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